Vega helps you through the most crucial decision in your life: your education! Based on our extensive knowledge of the education system, we extend services to help you find the best options; we also ensure that your applications are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Find Your Passion

Find your passion

Nothing succeeds like passion. We support yours.
At Vega4Edu, we offer customized education and career counseling. We identify your unique talents and enable you to make education choices. Mentors at Vega4Edu will list out courses, universities and countries based on your preferences.
There is virtually no limit to educational choices across the world. Ask us for support to gain international exposure on the best packages available.
Broaden your options

Broaden your options

Vega4Edu lets you discover international opportunities you have never known before.
At Vega4Edu, we provide information on scholarships or bursaries and admissions abroad. Partnerships with global education providers across the world enable us to give you timely and updated information. Ask us for assistance from the start of the admission process, with documents and forms, right until the finish.
Look No Further

Look no further

Vega4Edu is the only stop that an aspiring international student needs to make.
At Vega4Edu, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cover visa and travel procedures for study abroad. Our experience as a travel services conglomerate makes us an efficient and reliable service provider. Ask us for assistance with documents and regulatory procedures as well as orientation for interviews.
Vega Education System
Vega Education System

Education System has been revised

We give you the opportunity to study a selection of programs in different continents. Primary School, High School, Short and Long term English programs, Foundation, Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and PhDs. We also offer vocational courses and an excellent selection of English Business courses.
Apply Visa for US, UK, India, China and all Schengen Countries

About Us

Vega4Edu is a one-stop shop for global education and travel solutions. The Company has established partnerships with leading education providers across the world.It serves as a springboard for aspiring international students who require end-to-end solutions. We offer assistance for education, admissions travel and visa assistance to study abroad.

Vega4Edu leverages on our experience at Vega4Visa, a high performance travel concierge services company that is part of a global travel services conglomerate headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Vega is the pioneer in introducing the concept of the visa Concierge service. The traveler is offered first class assistance while applying for a visa. It is the prime offering of Vega and comprises of a number of services offered to the traveler, facilitating and supporting the visa application lifecycle

Global education and travel solutions

Vega4Edu has international partnerships with education technology solution providers. With this partnerships VEGA is now capable of providing Learning Mangement System, Student Information Management System, Assessment Management System, Electronic pubishing managment and Online training Platform.

Vega4Edu also has established partnerships with international institutions for facilitating corporate training for its customers in Saudi Arabia.

Education Abroad

Study in USA

Study in USA The United States of America is the most popular choice for International students. American universities consistently rank among the top in the world.
In this large and diverse country, the volume and variety of universities mean that you can find course tailored you needs. It also demands a careful examination of facts. That is where Vega4Edu steps in. We understand the country’s education system and help you to develop your plan.

Study in UK

Study in UK Want to study in a flexible system that suits your lifestyle? Opt for the home of the English language, the United Kingdom. It’s the ideal place to develop language skills for the best employment prospects.
Educational Institutions in the UK consistently rank among the best in the world and qualifications are internationally recognized. A significant bit of the world’s scientific research is done here. The kingdom also produces some of the world’s most frequently cited papers.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada Gorgeous mountains and forests, pristine lakes and starkly beautiful landscapes make up this maple country. It also is home to an open and tolerant multi-cultural society with two official languages – English and French. Apply through Vega4Edu to study in Canada, extend.

Study in Europe

Study in Europe Education, Language, lifestyle and living costs vary throughout Europe, be it Germany, France, Hungary or Malta. This works both for and against a student. You will be exposed here to some of the greatest art and culture as well as gain access to a whole ancient continent. On the flip side, you will need to do a close scrutiny of options.
Making the wrong choice can be a counter-productive. Go ahead and trust Vega4Edu to make it the right one.

Study in Australia

Study in Australia With Vega4Edu, you can be sure not to miss out on any of the options available Down under.
Some of the world’s student cities are in Australia. The country is a student magnet despite its spare population. The Australian government offers international scholarships that can be tailored to different budgets. Its student mix, affordability, quality of life and employer activity make it an important destination. Simply ask Vega4Edu to demonstrate the difference an Australian education can make!

Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand New Zealand is an outdoor lover’s paradise These southern Islands are also one of the safest destinations. It strong research- driven curriculum is an added advantage. Resourcefulness, independence and creativity are encouraged in its multi - cultural environment. Small class sizes and supportive learning environment make this young country even more attractive. Ask vega4Edu, and you will have access to wealth of resources that will enable you to make this destination decision..

Study in South Africa

Study in South Africa If you wish to study in South Africa, you might have to apply to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to have your qualifications evaluated. Some Institutions insist on SAQA. Certificates in foreign languages must be accompanied by sworn translations into English.
For all these and other procedural guidelines, register with Vega4Edu. We provide the most current updates on all applications to study, including tariff structures. We can also help you contact SAQA’s Pretoria office..

Study in India

Study in India Home to Takshashila, the world's first university (now in Pakistan), modern India is a prime destination for technical education. Its low costs, and the use of English as a teaching medium in premier institutions add to the country’s allure. Apart from state-of-the- art technology, you can also choose from a wide range of traditional knowledge systems.
Vega4Edu helps you find the best that this rapidly developing civilization can offer. Ask us for clear information on government reservations for foreign students and educational packages..

Technology Products

Learning Management System(LMS)

The LMS is highly sophisticated in handling administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. It helps the instructor deliver material to the students, administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping.

Student Information Management System(SIMS)

The Students Information Management Systems (SIMS) simplifies the business processes of any educational establishment with personalized dashboards, customized reporting tools, and mobile/tablet readiness

Assessment Management System (AMS)

The eAssessment or Assessment Management System enables institutions to Author, Schedule, Deliver and Analyze assessments. The system is capable of handling Formative, Summative, Diagnostic Tests, Surveys High Stakes Assessments. It supports online, offline and paperbased test delivery and works on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones

ePublishing Platform - OpenPage

OpenPage is a platform that gives complete control of publishing, managing subscriptions, branding and distributon. It is developed based on the industry standard ePUB3 specifications.

Online Training Platform - Learntron

LEARNTRON is the world's first operating system for learning, which makes 1:1 devices inside the classroom productive and impactful. There are more than 75,000 education apps today, but none looks at teaching and learning as a collaborative two-way process. LEARNTRON is a novel collaborative white-board combined with a suite of pedagogical tools, built on top of a tablet-friendly learning management system, acting as an operating system for learning. LEARNTRON brings novel use-cases for 1:1 device classrooms, making students learn collaboratively, while at the same time providing teachers constructive control.

Corporate Training

In partnership with international institutions, Vega4Edu facilitates corporate training within Saudi Araiba. We will be able to conduct these training programs in the customer's premises of at a third party locations such as conference halls, Hotels etc. Advantages of Corporate Training at VEGA:
  • Highly experienced International trainers
  • American Certificates
  • Training programs available for all corporate functions and many other specializations
  • Varying programs from 30 hours to 150 hours programs
  • Training at client location
  • Cost effective
  • Online Training Programs
Corporate Training Areas:
1. Law and Contract 6. Public Relations and Media; 11. Occupational Health and Safety;
2. Information Systems; 7. Sustainability 12. Administration and Management Skills
3. Leadership Skills 8. Customer Service Skills 13. Purchasing and the Supply Chain
4. HR Management 9. Finance and Accounting 14. Professional Development
5. Training & Development 10. Quality Management 15. Project Management

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